James Rosone

James Rosone began his writing career as a form of PTSD therapy after some of his experiences as an interrogator in Iraq. After exiting the military, he served overseas as a contractor in the sand box, and then transitioned to working in the field of biometrics supporting U.S. European Command. After releasing a number of books, writing changed from a hobby to a career. Now James is working with other veterans to help them find new a purpose as authors. He holds several degrees, including a Master of Science degree from the University of Oxford.

Miranda Watson

Miranda Watson entered the writing profession to assist her husband in writing his story of his experiences as an interrogator as Iraq. After the couple published several books together, she left her day job as a nurse to pursue life as a full-time author. She is the mother of three children, and holds several degrees in addition to her nursing education, including an MBA. Together, they have become an incredible writing duo and one of the most successful husband-wife writing teams on Amazon.


Alex Aaronson

Alex Aaronson started telling Sea Stories around February 1992, when he reported to Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes Illinois. Since then he’s been entertaining anyone who would listen with his hyperbolic storytelling, a loose relationship with the facts, and a total disregard for modesty. Unfortunately, given that his naval service as a Cryptologic Technician, Interpretive was spent dealing with classified materials and situations you don’t get to hear any of that!

Instead, Alex leans on the bits and pieces he picked up getting his undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of California, and his Law Degree from Southern Methodist University. After having blown a major wad of cash on that fancy degree, he now spends his time making stuff up and hoping that you’ll read it.

Matt Jackson

Born into a Navy Submarine Family, I traveled the world as a child. Since I was born in 1947 and until 1993, every three years I moved to a new location as a military brat and as a service member. Enlisted in the Army in 1968 after two worthless years of college and became an Army helicopter pilot serving for 18 months in Vietnam. Was promoted to a commissioned officer while serving in Vietnam and stayed on active duty until 1993. In that time I commanded rifle companies at Fort Lewis Washington and Anchorage Alaska where I commanded an airborne company. Highlight of my career was commanding an air assault infantry battalion during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. The Army sent me back to college to finish my bachelors degree and later working on my own, two master degrees. Once I retired I went into private business and finally retired in 2015. My wife has been with me for 51 years now and I have two sons, both Army officers who rose up through the ranks like their grandfather and me.

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