Battlefield Korea

The world’s eyes watch…

…but it’s what they don’t see that matters.

With eyes on Europe, will North Korea exploit this chance?

While the soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division patrol the DMZ, China convinces North Korea to mobilize. This is the scenario the Chinese have been planning for and they’re ready.

A surprise attack in Europe has NATO reeling.

The new American President has to learn quickly if he wants to pull the country out of the disaster in Europe, but will he be ready for what comes from the South China Sea?

The news headlines can’t be trusted.

There’s a war being fought behind the scenes, but who is pulling the strings? Who will step up and support the President in the country’s greatest time of need?

You’ll love this thrilling story because James Rosone and Miranda Watson know how to keep you turning the pages until well past your bedtime.



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