Into the Uncertain

As the gods of war returned…

…could the wrath of a nation be quenched?

Or would it drown in the blood of its enemies?

It was a crucial piece of intel, and now they had coordinates for the RNS Freedom. The allies’ next move could change the course of everything, but there was just one question. Was the Viceroy’s final card to play enough to save the Republic?

The Gallentine Emperor isn’t pleased.

Could Viceroy Miles Hunt lose his place of influence?

Sakura and her team had discovered an ancient portal, but it wasn’t like the others. After being sealed for thousands of years, would opening it unlock Pandora’s box?

Were some secrets better left undiscovered?

Or would the answers there save them all?

Into the Uncertain pushes our heroes to their limits, forcing them to make decisions that will alter the fate of humanity. You’ll love this 9th book in this incredible military science fiction thriller series because some mysteries are solved and others have just begun.


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