Island Under Siege

China had threatened Taiwan so often…
…it lulled the people into becoming numb.
But sometimes threats become actions…

When a scandal broke days before an election, the polls for the leading candidate collapsed, and a relatively unknown third-party candidate became Taiwan’s next president. Eager to chart a new course for Taiwan, President Lin Jiahao leveraged a friendship from college—National Security Advisor Dean Crocket—to test the waters with a newly elected American president.

An accident in the South China Sea led to the downing of Taiwanese aircraft and the sinking of a Chinese warship.

Tensions in the Straits boiled over.

As Gunnery Sergeant Wrigley trained his Taiwanese counterparts on the US’s newest autonomous drones, he was struck by the attitude of his trainees. “We are brothers,” they told him. “They would never attack.”

But Wrigley knew that even brothers fight.

If you enjoy pulse-pounding action intermixed with high-tech weapons and geopolitics ripped from the headlines of today, you’ll love Rosone & Watson’s first book of their new Crisis in Taiwan series. This gritty military technothriller will keep you up at night, wondering if it could become a reality.


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