Monroe Doctrine: Volume 7

The walls were closing in…

…time was running out.

The unthinkable had occurred.

As defeats mounted, desperation took hold. Project Terracotta was complete. Jade Dragon now had a body—and an army. All that stood between certain defeat and potential victory was a final decision: one that would alter the course of humanity.

Could the human mind outfox an AI?

Had Jade Dragon truly become unstoppable?

The battle for Taiwan hung on a razor’s edge. NATO scrambled to stop another Dunkirk in the south of the island while the Marines fought for every inch of ground in the north. Had the allies finally bitten off more than they could chew or were these the final death throes of the PLA Army?

A devil’s deal was revealed.

An alliance was destabilized.

The coalition must hold, no matter the costs. The fate of humanity depended on learning from the past, conquering the present, and ensuring the future. A war at all costs couldn’t mean the end of tomorrow. An alternative had to be found.

You’ll love the seventh book in this intense military technothriller series because science-fiction may become our reality.



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