Monroe Doctrine: Volume 8

To destroy Jade Dragon’s lair…

…an unthinkable weapon is unveiled.

Had the Allies gone too far?

The Chinese super-AI had achieved its master plan—an autonomous robotic army, air force, and navy. As President Yao and the People’s Liberation Army faced defeat on the battlefield, full command of the PLA was handed over to Jade Dragon, which says it can slay the enemies of China to usher in a new dawn of global Chinese hegemony for the 21st century.

The robots were coming…

With the Terracotta Killers walking the land, Shadow Dragons and Dark Swords prowling the skies, and Sea Dragons roaming the Yellow Sea, a dystopian science fiction nightmare had become real. Machines now dominated the battlefield.

Were these wonder weapons being unveiled too late?

Was Jade Dragon’s robotic army enough to turn the tide?

Every inch of ground was surveyed, monitored, and fought over as man fought machine for survival. Could the arsenals of democracy outproduce China? Could the West outlast the East, or would Jade Dragon pull off the impossible—and win the AI war?

With victory or defeat balancing on a razor’s edge, the Allies refused to go quietly into the night. They had a secret technological breakthrough of their own. Would the ends justify the means if it led to victory or were the unknown risks too big to accept?

President Delgado was about to order the unthinkable.

You’ll love this eighth and final book in the Monroe Doctrine series because the way the limits are pushed is frightening beyond imagination.



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