Pursuit by Fire: 1981

NATO Counterstrikes…

…and Western tanks storm into Germany.

Can they break the Warsaw Pact?

With the Soviet conquest of Germany nearly complete, the alliance falters. NATO scrambles to salvage the situation before it’s too late.

American and Korean forces must hold the line.

But can reinforcements arrive before it’s too late?

While the survival of Europe hangs in the balance, the Forgotten War can no longer be overlooked as North Korea continues to push South—attempting to unify the Koreas under communist rule.

Can CIA Agent Fred Poole and his protégé, Carlos Rodriguez, stop the terror in Central America?

The Americans find themselves fighting an enemy that hides in the shadows and strikes against the innocent, with no idea how far the terrorists are willing to go.

You’ll love this third installment of the Soviet Endgame series because this alternate-history thriller keeps packing the punches.



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