Cyber-Warfare: And the New World Order

Is this the end…

…of America as we know it?

How will they handle a real street fight?

The US has finally fought the Russians to a standstill in Europe and stopped the Chinese and Russians from breaking out of Alaska, but now they have a new threat to handle in California.

Is this the straw that broke the camel’s back?

As the wartime tempo increases, DARPA steps up its plan, releasing a torrent of technologically advanced weapons. The new Archangel fighters can move unlike any other aircraft, and definitely tilt the scales. However, they require large quantities of rare metals to produce.

Will America be able to manufacture weapons fast enough?

Cyber-Warfare and the New World Order is the fourth and final book in this epic World War III series. If you like innovative technologies, scheming politics, and heart-pounding combat scenes, you’ll love Rosone and Watson’s conclusion to this story.



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