Operation Red Dragon: And the Unthinkable

The Middle East is ablaze…

…is it the war to end all wars?

What will desperation cause the Islamic Republic to do?

Steadily, the Islamic Republic’s trump card sails into the harbors of New York City and Baltimore. A threat is made, an ultimatum issued. Will the American president back down in the face of certain nuclear catastrophe or will he order the complete nuclear annihilation of America’s enemies?

What will happen to the United States’ long-standing ally, Israel?

America unleashes its new Pershing magnetic railgun to devastating effect on the battlefield and steps up its release of other high-tech weapons. Will innovation and technology on their own be enough to shift the tides of this conflict?

Don’t count China out of the action.

They have their own tricks up their sleeves.

If you like non-stop, heart-pounding combat scenes then you’ll love this futuristic military techno-thriller.



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